Green Background with two aikido practionersKi Aikido is a non-competitive and positive practice that develops calmness, stability and confidence to reduce the stresses of daily life and eliminate the fear of living.

We work with partners to learn how to extend our minds, develop mind-body coordination, stay relaxed and centred under pressure, and flow lightly in dynamic circular movements.

Since Ki Aikido does not rely on physical strength, it is suitable for those of all ages and abilities.

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The Canadian Ki Federation is a non-profit organization, affiliated to the Ki Federation of Great Britain.

The Technical Director of the Ki Federation of Great Britain is Sensei K. Williams, pictured at right.

The teaching method we use has been specially developed by Sensei Williams. This allows students to easily relate what is being taught on the mat to the outside world, and to bring this into the students daily life.

We currently have several clubs in BC and Ontario. Click here to find a club near you, or contact us for more information.